Sunday, April 19, 2009

My imaginary encounter!

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Hello everyone!

Again I apologize for not posting last night. This week has made me incredibly forgetful and exhausted. Last night we recorded the podcast and it was such a great episode. I didn’t get home until 12:30 and I was planning on riding my bike into work this morning so I needed to get to sleep at a decent time. So posting was not my huge concern. I did get to ride my bike into work this morning so that is always a good thing.

So when I woke up this morning I had an email from The Lady telling me about this writing prompt. She said it was right up my ally. So I figured Id give it a shot.

Prompt: What was your favorite cartoon character as a child? Imagine you were able to meet your favorite cartoon character. How would you meet? Write a brief or extended dialogue between the two of you…Well here it goes.

My favorite Cartoon character as a child has always and will continue to be Daffy Duck. I love all of the Looney Tunes but by far Daffy has always been my favorite. I never actually owned any stuffed animals or any collectables when I was a kid. Just wasn’t a thing I did. The only things I have right now are all of the collectors edition DVD’s of all the Looney Tunes Shorts and a massive set of Glasses with the Characters on them.

Scene: Interior, My house.

I wake up in the late afternoon on a beautiful sunny Saturday to the sound of the doorbell ringing. At first I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep but after the first ignored rings, the bell started into a symphony of the song Marry Go Round Broken Down. Finally I start to head out of bed to see who the menace is as the ringer only rings faster.

Laughing Soul

Cut it out already! Seriously! I’m on my way!

Getting out of bed and racing towards the door in my dark blue bathrobe, placing my hand on the door and swinging it open hard enough to knock it off its hinges.

Laughing Soul

Can I help you?


Good Afternoon sir!

To my surprise, there was a 3 foot black duck standing at my front door holding a briefcase with the word ACME stamped on the side and a smart brown fedora on top of his duckie head.


Daffy’s the name and retail’s my game. I was wondering if you would be interested in taking a look at these fine ACME products for your home. If its ACME, it’s a gasser! Put it there pal.

His arm outstretched, I reluctantly reached out to meet his feathery hand and before I knew it the duck Jumped up into my arms and gave me a big smooth on the lips. I was frozen solid as he hopped out of my harms and walked straight into my house and started to have a look around. I unfreeze and turn myself around.

Laughing Soul

Excuse me! Who do you think you are? You can’t just walk into peoples houses and look around. I would really appreciate it if…


I see sir that it looks like your kitchen could use some updating. Your dishwasher looks old. Look at these dishes, dirty and disgusting. (tut tut tut) What you need is the ACME handy dandy Dishwashermabob.

He sets down his little briefcase and opens it up and starts to root around the case. He starts to pull things out at random while crashing and clanking sounds emit from the case.

A Rubber Chicken, Anvil, Small Rocket, a pretty blue dress at which he looks up and me immediately puts on a sheepishly innocent grin and hides it behind his back.


AH HA! Here it is!

He pulls out a large machine way to big for the case he’s carrying it in, and sets in out on the floor. It’s red and bulky and looks nothing like a machine that could do anything. He starts to grab plates and glasses and show me how the machine works.


Here it is my good man. The Dishwashermabob. You place your dishes in here on this side, press this button here and Flippity floppity floop. They come out the other end. TA-DA!

The machine groans and moans and jumps and shivers and no dishes come out the other side. Daffy hits the machine over and over again with his hand. The machine starts smoking and shaking and then it explodes, covering my kitchen and face with black soot.

I run up to Daffy and grab him by the scruff of his neck and bring him eye to eye.

Laughing Soul

You’re some kind of wise guy eh? Ill make you pay for that.


Look over there, its Angelina Jolie!

Of course I look and he honks my nose and pulls my robe up over my head and then hops away whooping and hollering bouncing off the walls. He jumps out the door as I watch and jumps all over the neighborhood.


That would be the best thing ever. As much as I would have loved to have a deep heartfelt conversation with Daffy, I think I would be disappointed if he didn’t fool me and tease me. In actuality if this ever happened I would probably laugh the whole time.

I hope you enjoyed my little story.



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