Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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Hello Everyone!
I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to post last night. By the time I got
home from rehearsal and doing my taxes it was 12:30am and the Internet was
out for some reason. So I figured I would just take some time and post what
I was going to post last night this morning.

So how was everyone's Easter? I hope it was a wonderful weekend? OR if you
don't celebrate Easter I hope you are enjoying your Passover, or if you
don't celebrate anything, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend. The Lady and I went to Ohio to spend time with
her family and we got back on Sunday around 10 o'clock. I won my very first
Giveaway with is a lot of fun. I posted about it. I will put a link to my
post when I get the chance. But it was a wonderful trip.

Yesterday was a really busy day. When I walked into work, one of the
Attorney's came up and said we have around 300 sale cancellations we have to
go through. Which is great but it's a lot of work for us and its tedious and
time consuming. I am finally getting ready to start on them right now. But
after work I had to go to rehearsal. We were working through Act V last
night which is the very end of the play. I took this picture and thought Id
share it with you...

This is the play space! Neat huh? I've worked here before and it's a really
neat space.

For those of you who don't know about the different stages, there are a lot
to choose from.

You have the traditional most recognizable space called the proscenium. This
is the type of space you will see in really any theater where the audience
faces a stage and there is a separation between the audience and the

Another type of stage is called the Round. Its where there is a stage in the
middle of a room and there is audience on all sides. It changes the
performance and the feel of it when you will sometimes see a performers
back. In some cases it makes it feel less like a show than a piece of life
being performed.

The next is called a Thrust. A thrust, which is the performance space I am
working in now, is where there stage juts out into the audience and there
are audience members in front and on the sides of you. Depending on how it
is set up it can give you a lot of movement space to work with. The way the
stage I am working with now is there are a total of 60 chairs and they are
literally 1 foot away from the play space. So there are many times where I
will be right next to an audience member and they are right in the thick of
the whole performance. Moving out into the thrust will put you in the middle
of the audience and you can connect and have a different effect. Or you can
move back upstage and distance yourself. You have more depth with a thrust
than any other I feel.

My favorite spaces to work in are what's called a Black Box Theater. Black
Box Theater is really what it sounds like. It is a large Black Box where you
can put on performances. I love them because they are so diverse. You can
take a stage and do whatever you like. Any kind of stage configuration can
be put in them. Whether its Proscenium or Round or even if you just wanted
to have people dispersed throughout the set in strategic places. You can
have bare minimum set or you can have elaborate stages and designs. The
possibilities are endless. The main reason why I like them so much is
because of the intimacy they provide. Instead of having a large separation
between you and the audience, you can see all of their faces, watch all of
their reactions and feel their energy and feed off them a lot better, which
for me helps me perform.

Well. I better get going. Lots to do in so little time.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!



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