Friday, February 27, 2009

Christopher Moore Signing!

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Hello everyone!
How was everyone's evening? Well I hope.
My night was amazing! Tonight was the night I have been waiting for for such a long time! I got to meet Christopher Moore! One of the greatest authors of all time. Here are a list of his books.

Lamb: The childhood story of Jesus Christ as told by his Best Friend Biff
The Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Lust Lizard of Melancholie Cove!
Practical Deamonkeeping
Dirty Job
Bloodsucking Fiends
You suck
Coyote Blue
The Stupidest Angel

If I am missing one I apologize But I am going off the top of my head at the moment. If you haven't read any of these please, please, please pick one up preferably Lamb or Island of the Sequined Love Nun or Fool. These are some of my favorite ones of his so please give them a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Tonight I finally got to meet the man!!
In the really cool Coffeehouse and Bookstore called Politics and Prose here in DC Mr. Moore was kind enough to grace the DC area with his presence. I went with my friend Brett, a guy I met when I did King Lear.

The place was packed.

After a couple of minutes of waiting the moment happened. Moore walked out after a brief introduction and began to speak.

*GASP* Its Him!!

Thankfully my camera also has a video mode! He talked about his inspirations, he told stories of his trips to England. "Sorry" Stories of things people have given him, even some original writing he wrote just earlier in the week.

So here are a few that I took.

And number Two
I think this is, and I quote loosely.
" An open letter to the person who Peed on the Iron"

And Video Number 3

I apologize for the video quality and if the sound isn't all that great. I did record it from the back of a bookstore. The stuff you have just watched was only bits and pieces of what this man talked about. He is an epic Storyteller and was hilariously riveting from beginning to end.
And now, here comes the moment we've all been waiting for.. Not only is it finally a picture of me! But it is a picture of me with the man himself!!

Thats me on the left, Moore on the right. That's pretty much the face you see in all of his cover photos too! Great man really nice and very cool.

I came up to the table for him to sign my book and this is what he wrote. ( Ill type it out cause it may be hard to read)
To Dan: Exellent Beard

What? Laughing did you spell Excellent Wrong?

Nope! Christopher Moore Did!!!!

It was Unbelivable! He Mispelled Excellent! He even knew that he did and just said, " Ah, Fuck it!" Now my book is worth 10 times more because of a typo! HAHAHA Thats how great this guy is. He didnt care and he knew it was hilarious.

I had such a great time meeting him and even waiting in line wasnt so bad because I got to hang out with Brett and catch up with him. Not only that I got to see a mentor of mine, Lennie Raybuck, She is one of the great directors and teachers I have worked with at George Mason University and I got a chance to see her and catch up with her while we were waiting in line. I also get to see another friend Bob, Who actually got his name made fun of by Mr. Moore. What a great story. I think everyone came away with a funny story to tell and that makes this night even better.

I had so much fun tonight I am too wired to go to sleep. Like I said before you have got to check his books out, they are Bawdy, Fun, they have great characters to fall in love with and chock full of "Heinus Fuckery, Heinus Fuckery Most Foul." In all honesty, Moore's books have made me laugh outloud, and have even made me cry a little bit. I love his stories and will read them and pass them on for years to come!

I am definately going to have to go to more book signings. Anyone know of a place somone can get that information?!

Zen for the day

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Forgive yourself and everyone around you. When you judge others, you
are the one who feels pain. Through forgiveness, all pain disappears.
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do you Feel Lucky, Punk?

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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a swell day!
Tonight was definitely a night, what can I say? Tonight was the night I went to the Shooting Range with my roommates!

My roommates Petron and Shooter bought guns not to long ago. They both Bought Rifles pretty much at the same time, and since then they have both bought 9mm handguns. After that for the longest time they have been going to the range at least twice a week. Each time they go the always invite me but I usually have something that I have to do or have already made plans for the night.
So I got the the guilt trip from Petron where he says these words to me.
"Hey were going to the Shooting Range tonight wanna come? Oh you already have plans? Well then I guess well have to go some other time then"
So I pretty much have to go now. I told them that I didn't have any plans Thursday night and I would go with them then, and tonight was the night.
We went to the Silver Eagle out where we live and walking into the joint it was a really nice place. You just see a large facility with different rooms which are doors to all of the separate ranges.
We walk in, take our lanes and get all the guns set up and ready to go. Shooter takes the first clip from his 9mm just so I could get used to the noise. Then it was my turn. Now I have shot guns before, Ive shot a 12 gauge shotgun and 22 rifle before but never a handgun. I did pretty well! Take a look.

Not bad for a rookie at all. That was just the shots with the 9mm after I shot a few clips and got a little bit of practice. After That I took up the Rifle and shot a few clips of that. I got to shoot the last two Rifle. We ran out of these targets and we had to use paper plates eventually. Here is how I did with the Last two bullets in the clip.

Not too bad from what I was told since the sights are still being zoned in. But yeah. I had a great time though. I will definitely go again. Does this make me want to go out and buy a gun? No it does not. I have a healthy fear of guns and will continue to do so and I do not feel like owning one. I did not feel a sense of power or a great release when I was shooting. It was just a fun thing to do every once and a while and I will definitely go back.

Goodnight and have a great Friday!

P.S. Speaking of Friday, guess what tomorrow is? Its the day I get to go get my book signed by Christopher Moore!! I will definitely be posting about that tomorrow.

Zen for the day

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Feel the pain of others. Understand their struggles and
disappointments, their hardships and inadequacies, and open your heart
to them. Realize that everyone is doing the best they possibly can.
Judge no one. But rather, cradle all of humanity in your heart.
Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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I came home from the gym this evening and I my roommate Petron, his lady, and The Bear and they were watching Secondhand Lions. We pulled this from it and I wanted to share it. Were going to get it framed and place it up in the house. I hope you enjoyt this because I certainly do.

" If you want to believe in something, believe in it. Just because something isn't true doesn't mean you cant believe in it. Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most:

That people are basically good.
That courage, honor and virtue mean everything.
That power and money, money and power mean nothing.
That good alway triumphs over evil.
And I want you to remember this;
That true, true love, never dies.
You remember that boy, remember that.

Whether they're true or not those are the things a man should believe in because those are the things worth believing in. Got that?"

Zen for the day

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Rejoice in whatever life gives you. Crave nothing else. Know that
whatever you have been given is for your own highest good
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taken - Review

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It's Tuesday night, so Everyone know what Time it is!! Its time for the Laughing Soul

Tonight's review?


What Can I say about this movie? I loved it! I can honestly say that I was sitting in my seat, the whole time gripped just waiting to see what was coming next!
Originally I went into this movie thinking that it was just going to be a more action version of the movie Ransom, Starring Famous Nutter, Mel Gibson. But I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. To give you an idea, the film was more of a mix between Ransom, and 8 MM. Not exactly 100% mix but it gives you enough of what to expect, but let me tell you, I haven't seen a movie like this and it was amazing.

The premise of the movie starts off like most of the typical "guy flicks", where you see a father, played by Liam Neeson who would do anything for his daughter. You find out that he has given up his whole career and living for his daughter. It seemed like it was the repeat story of someone who is married to their job and abandons the family, but you can tell that that was the situation instead of going through 2 hours of the situation itself. But in this case the father has actually given up his lively hood just to make up for all the lost time.

His Daughter, played by Maggie Grace, ends up going on a trip to Paris ( or so her father thinks) with her friend. They aren't there for more than an hour and they end up getting "TAKEN" by strangers. Now because Liam Neeson is the man, he knew exactly what to do! As it turns out Mr. Neeson used to be, what he called a Preventor. With the knowledge that he learned through years in his service, he goes straight to Paris and destroys the whole place looking for his daughter.

The man's a badass!

The story was really well put together, and it was a well written script for this type of film. There weren't any hokey lines, or anything really ironic that made the audiance say, " Ohh it was a play on words, how clever is he?" Neeson was there for business and thats exactly what he did, no jokes, no play just straight fuckery.

The one thing that I loved most about this movie is the fact that, one second you see Mr. Neeson as a family man, doing anything for his daughter and in the next you see just a ruthless killer and what I like about that so much is that Neeson plays the roles the same. But you can tell that he makes the change mentally, seemlesly from one guy to the next. Also he doesnt take an arsenal of weapons and devices to help him find whoever stole his daughter. He went to Paris, with nothing but his skill. That is why I think Liam Neeson is the man.

All in all I really liked this movie. The story was well done, the acting was incredible, the action was just enough to make you cheer for the good guy under your breath, and the whole thing was definitely intense.
I give this move 4 out of 5 Damnit Meg's

Go see this movie! It was amazing! I highly recommend it.


Zen for the day

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To love someone who loves you is easy. Choose to be everyone's friend,
whether they like you or not. When you love and accept others as they
are, you will have friends everywhere.
Monday, February 23, 2009

My Proposition

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Good Evening!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a couple of days but its a lot harder to post on the weekends because I usually have things I'm doing and by the time I get around to it I am way to tired to make sense. But I am wide awake right now and have an idea I would like to share with everyone.

Does anyone remember recess? Who the hell doesn't right? I know that when I was growing up, I had recess all the way up till 6th grade. After I hit middle school it ended and then life started to get more and more serious as the days and years went on.
What the Hell Happened to Recess?
Why did everyone decide that recess had to go away? What, playtime isn't adult and we have to be more mature and get tons of responsibilities and never get to have any fun? Seriously!
I propose that we are allowed to have 45 minutes of recess a day.
Now I know what you nay-sayers are thinking.. " But Laughing! ( I pretend you all call me that in my head) if we all go off and play we will never get any work done!"

oh ho ho ho you silly people.

I suggest that we have a 45 minute lunch, immediately followed with a 45 minute recess, like the good old days. Think about it, most office workers and all have an hour to take for lunch. If we just take away fifteen minutes and bring in a 45 minute play period it is only an extra 30 minutes out of our day! A mere 30 minutes out of your day which would be spent looking up LOLCATS, and Daily Cartoons anyways! ( Don't lie, we all do it!) It would be nothing out of the workday compared to the benefits.
  • Healthier employees
  • More energy in the afternoon
  • Team building
  • Relationship building
  • Increase in productivity!
  • Decrease depression

When you think about the alternatives of not having a recess,
  • Stay indoors with bright green lighting making everyone around you look sick.
  • Never moving out of your chair unless you have to go find something, and when you do that you get yelled at for not doing your job.
  • Constantly screwing up your eyesight by staring at a computer all day long.
  • Eating junk food at your desk and gradually needing bigger pants
  • Never getting to see the sun
You see? It sells itself! You don't have to go outside and play if you don't want to either! You can take a nap, you can go read, you can even stay inside and work if you decide to, but the whole purpose is that, the time is available if you choose to use it.

Think how much better your day will go if you have had a rough morning and you want to blow off some steam by playing basketball, or destroying the Tech guys in a game of Kickball! Going off and being able to ride your bike around the parking lot! Playing on the playground! Going down a slide! Or just go for a run if you like! Take a nap and recharge your batteries by laying under a shady tree nearby, reading in the shade, or sitting quietly by yourself. And for those of you Collars you are too good to enjoy life, you can stay inside of the office and take that extra 45 minutes and finish your work. All I am saying is that we need to bring back recess.

Also I believe that Alcohol should be available to everyone in the office after 3 pm or 5pm. But that is a completely different post!

If you had 45 minutes of recess at work, and school, how would you spend your time!


Zen for the day.

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As a drowning man wants air, as the lover seeks their beloved, this is
the way you must focus on that which you want. This intensity of
concentration will remove all obstacles
Sunday, February 22, 2009

God Rest his soul.

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Mr. Heath won the Oscar for best supporting Actor for his role as The Joker. As an actor I have to say that I have honestly never been more inspired by someone in my life than his performances in any of his work. Congratulations sir!

Now in his honor I am posting up a great spoof video of one of the scenes in Dark Knight. If you haven't seen this video then you should definitely watch it.

Good night.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Zen for the day.

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Sit quietly. Watch your thoughts and feelings pass in front of you.
Relinquish control and the desire to get caught in them. See that
nothing in life is permanent. Your thoughts, feelings and perceptions
all pass before you. If anything catches you, gently release it, and
simply continue watching.
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gazelle Boy

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Hello all
I hope everyone has had a wonderful day.
I was going through one of my favorite magazines earlier today called Mental Floss. This is a really awesome magazine with nothing but random facts and stories, and articles about interesting things, ( at least I find it interesting) and I came across this article about the Gazelle Boy.

Here is slice of an article I found from

"50 kph sprinter

This is how the story runs. A boy aged around 10 was found in the midst of a herd of gazelles in the Syrian desert, and was only caught with the help of an Iraqi army jeep, because he could run at speeds of up to 50 kph. Although terribly thin, he was said to have been extremely fit and strong, with muscles of steel. He was captured and bound hand and foot."

How crazy is that? What do you think about it? It would be amazing if that happened! But here is the thing, that article I just put up there is slightly different from the one in my magazine. Basically being the same story but it has a bit more to go off of with a name of an anthropologist, Jean-Claude Auger. Where he got a tip from some nomads and when they went to try and capture him with the Spanish army but he outran their jeep. He made another attempt with a helicopter but even with that and a net they never caught him.

What to you think about it? Do you think its possible? Could this be a real story?

I think it would be awesome! But that's just me.


Zen for the day

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To straighten what is crooked, you must straighten yourself. Once you
are aligned, the whole world looks different.
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lunch tale

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Ok so let me start off my telling you how embarrassed I am right now.
I eat Smartones for lunch because I'm still trying to follow my weight watchers points. And in general I'm the only one in the office who eats them. So as I was leaving the house today I went to the freezer to pick up my lunch and because I only get ones that I like, I didn't have to check to see what I was going to be eating today because either way I would like it. I drive to work and place my food in the freezer in the same spot where I always put it and out of the Corner of my eye I caught a Glimpse of what I was going to be eating that day, I THINK it was Swedish Meatballs. Now its time for me to go to lunch, so I go to the kitchen and grab
my food," Oh! Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo. I thought I had this yesterday, Oh

So I heat it up go outside and eat my lunch like I always do. I come back in when a co-worker of mine comes over and asks me what I had for lunch. I thought it was a little odd that she would come over and ask cause I don't really see or talk to her all that much.

"Chicken Alfredo" Said I.
"You ate my lunch" Said she.

Strike One. Holy crap I have honestly no idea how that happened. I just grabbed the lunch I thought was mine and heated it up I felt so bad an apologized all over myself.

"You can have my lunch" I said
"I don't like the lunch you got" Said she.

Strike two!! Now she has to go out and get a lunch. I told her I would payfor her lunch but she said that it was alright it was an honest mistake and that he would take a replacement. After apologizing multiple times she said its alright and I will get her a replacement meal tomorrow.

Unfortunately half of the office knows that I accidentally ate her

Strike three! From the hours to 2pm to 5pm I am getting teased about being hungry and sharing my food and to not be so greedy. People asking if I wanted to go to lunch and then deciding it would be a bad idea because I wouldn't let them eat theirs. The whole office was laughing. So yea! That happened. But you know what, its totally fine. As embarrassing as it is, the whole office is laughing and if I happen to be at the butt of the joke making everyone laugh, that's alright by me. As long as everyone is smiling and having fun I could care less if it was at my expense, especially over such a small matter. Besides my coworker isn't upset with me at all.
And if someone around here gives me trouble, Ill just threaten to eat his or her lunch!

The office prank

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> Ok (I'm sure no one is going to think this is funny but it made my
> morning)
> So Wednesday's are bagel days in my office. It's something nice my
> office
> does once a week. Now everyone looks forward to Bagel days so much
> that the
> bagels barely get set up before half of them are gone. We are all
> vultures
> and people can smell them from miles away. Today someone played a
> prank on
> us.
> This person walked through the office and just poked their head in
> one pod,
> (cubicle) and said just one simple phrase. " Bagels are here."
> That started a stampede of over worked and hungry people through this
> office, this guy being one of them, to the tiny break room we have.
> Once we
> all arrived, to our surprise there was nothing there. He lied to us!
> 40-50
> people waiting in the hall confused not knowing what to do. It was
> kind of
> like watching Pavlov's dogs waiting after they hear the bell but
> nothing
> comes out. I just started laughing because that was a really good
> prank.
> Someone saw the opportunity and took it and it worked flawlessly.
> It's a
> rare thing that when someone pulls a joke that they get the entire
> office,
> but this one was a beautiful.
> Ok that's all. I just thought I would share!
> Have a great day everyone!

Zen for the day.

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The way to remove darkness from a room is simply to turn on a light.
In the same way, to rid yourself of any difficulty, concentrate on the
solution rather than the problem
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday the 13th.... Again.

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Hello everyone!
I just got back from watching the new Friday the 13th remake. Wanna know what I think?
To bad Its happening anyways.

This movie wasn't so bad to tell you the truth. It brought back the slasher film status with more gore and gratuitous nudity, which is exactly what a slasher flick should be. For the longest time horror films are nothing but psychological mind jobs that make you wet your pants in front of everyone ( shut up! it only happened once). But this brought back the loud noises, the gore and the (cough) unnecessary but 100% needed sex!

The film takes place basically after the first Friday the 13th movie. It explains the whole reason why Jason is around today in the first couple of minutes of the film. Then boom, right into a campy bloodbath with bad over-acting and the obligatory naughty college girl. It was really cool until you realize that your only 15 minutes into the movie and the entire cast is dead! How the hell did that happen? When you see something like this...

Apparently that was just the beginning credits! the whole time Im sitting there thinking, " Jason better slow down or hes gonna run out of people to kill!" But I was wrong!

The movie continues on with some more annoyingly cool and popular college kids on a break, in some rich pain in the ass' parents cabin near...(cue dramatic music!) Camp Crystal Lake! It continues with a guy looking for his sister, ( one of the girls in the opening scenes.) and eventually join up in this one house and getting picked off one by one slowly, via a screwdriver in the neck, naked chick impaled on dear horns, and plenty machete's in the head! Definitely a plethora of carnage for all to enjoy.

Now onto the acting, story and all around.

Acting was atrocious, but then again I like to give the actors the benefet of the doubt, this isn't "The Godfather" or "Boondock Saints" people. This is supposed to be a campy film where the main focus is blood and boobs. Not performance. So in their own right, I think its fair to give them a little bit of leway in their skills and say that their performance was adequte. Who knows the director may have given them the direction to perform that way.

The story was prety decent. It kept up with the typical slasher film where everyone gets killed in bizzare ways and the killer ends up dead ( or is he?). But this one has something a little different. I really don't want to go into it becuase then that will give away some of the premise of the film. But lets just say that it ends up being a little different and I think it works well. Also, this story it is based off of the original Friday the 13th films and they really didnt have much of a plot other than try and stay alive. So with this little bit of a twist it is definately better than some of the originals.

Over all I think this film is definately fun! I had a great time watching this movie, laughing and jumping at the lound noises, and just coming out of the movie feeling like I hadn't wasted my money in any way.
I give the movie

3 out of 5 Damnit Meg's!

If you haven't seen this movie then go ahead, but then again you can totally wait to see this when it comes out on DVD. It is a lot of fun and you will have a good time.

Zen for the day

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Prosperity is not in what you have attained, buy rather in what you
give away... For it is only when you become empty that you can be
filled with something greater
Monday, February 16, 2009

My Day Off

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Hello fellow bloggers.
I had a wonderful day today and I hope everyone had the same, because today...

I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time! It has just been on hell of a time at work lately and I have been dying for this day off, and I am incredibly dissapointed to say that it is almost over. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't even be posting right now if I couldn't sleep. But, let me tell you there is nothing like a day off to recharge your batteries and catch up on yourself.

I woke up this morning with all of these ideas and fun things I wanted to do today, then i realized there is not enough hours in the day for all of them.
One of my best friends, Mike, slept over last night and when I woke up this morning at around 10, (another great part of the day off) and we went to the grocery store picked up something for a kind of brunch. My meal consisted of biscuits and canadian bacon. Holly crap was it a good meal. 2 different types of jelly and honey... MMM good!
After feeding time, Mike decided to head out after watching a few episodes of South Park. At that time I decided that it was time to sit down and watch Season 4 of Dr. Who and work endlessly on my puzzle. Which I did with flying colors, Unfortunately the 4 hours I did spend on my puzzle only let me fine 12 pieces. Oh well, it was awesomely relaxing!

After that it was time to watch There Will Be Blood. Wow that movie is intense! For a 2 and a half our movie you really need to pay attention to that movie for it to make any sense. I swear that I will have to watch it a few more times to fully understand it, bbut it was incredible none the less. I would love to get more in detail about the movie, but I am exhausted and it would take me forever to try and figure out what to say.

I got to sit down and vegge out and read my book, play with my ratties, and just be quiet by myself which I completely forgot how to do.

No matter how busy you are, no matter what is going on in your life, you have got to slow down a bit and take a day for yourself, do what you like to do and relax with yourself. If you let the world around you take over then you might forget who you are.
I hope everyone had a great day!

The hidden secret about having a wonderful day off, is that its only a four day work week and then its back to the weekend!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zen for the day

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Strive to always do whats right, not in the eyes of others, but in your own heart. Others thoughts are transitory, one moment they will love you, the next moment they will not. Act on what is right in your own heart, and there will be victory.
Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines day plus Slumdog Millionare

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Hello readers.
I am sitting laying in bed watching Scrubs. I had a wonderful Valentines Day and I hope everyone has had a good one as well. My day consisted of waking up, and going out to get something to cook for the Lady for breakfast. ( Breakfast in bed is my Specialty) From then on the day part was pretty relaxing. I watched some Family Guy and Home Movies, Took a little bit of a nap. Earlier on before that we decided to exchange gifts. Check out what I got?!

Best shirt ever if I must say!
After an afternoon of just relaxing and doing nothing we decided it was time to make dinner and find a movie we both wanted to see. For dinner I made chicken Fajitas, They were pretty decent if I Must say so myself. The Lady liked them too. From there we grabbed some ColdStone. Holy crap I just about died with the All Lovin' no Oven specialty they have over there.
Stopped by the rents to give Mamma her Valentines card.
Then we went to go see Slumdog Millionaire!

This movie was amazing. It really hasn't sunken in until now. The film was beautifully done and it gave me with inspiration that anything is possible. It is a beautiful film full of challenges that make you cheer for the underdog more than you ever have. I really sat there hoping against hope that something would just go right for this guy.
Not only was the plot and characters and acting, phenomenal, the editing and the way the film actually played together was beautiful. The playing back and forth for the reasons why he knew answers to questions was really creative and it played really well off of each other.
It deserves every oscar nom and every other award.
You have got to check out this movie.

I hope everyone had a great night and a wonderful rest of the weekend!!

Avenue Q !!!

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How is everyone's day going so far? Mine has been pretty nice if I must say so myself. I will post on that later. Let me start by talking about one of the best nights of my life.

Last night was the night of wonder and hilarity. I got to go see AVENUE Q last night at the Warner Theater here in great DC!! It was amazing. I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time.

The performance was amazing and it was a non stop laugh about things everyone thinks about and wants to say but doesn't have the balls to say it. I have the whole soundtrack memorized and laugh my ass off listening to it, now I have all the blanks filled in! I cannot tell you how much I loved that show. I think I might have pissed a few people off by laughing so hard, and The Lady J, said she had fun watching me giggle so much. Come on seriously, how can you not like a show where its basically sesame street on wrong in every way possible? Cursing, Racism, sex!! Thats right, puppet sex!
And other than the crazy outlandish things that go on, its real life situations that everyone can relate to. Money troubles, life troubles, figuring out who you are and where you are during life, but everything will be OK in the end. I can definitely understand why this show is so amazing.
If you ever get a chance, go see this musical it is amazing and my favorite musical of all time!

This is the shirt I got at the show.
I loved this show!! Go see it if you Can!!!
Friday, February 13, 2009

Zen for the day

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You are what you think. Think it today, become it tomorrow. Nothing
can help you or hurt you as much as the thoughts in your head.
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zen for the day

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Your true nature is neither good nor bad. It is not found in
enlightenment or lost on delusion. It is the spotless beauty of all
creation. Who then is the self you are accepting or not accepting.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mitch Hedberg, We hardly knew ye!

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Good evening friends
I was on my way back to from my podcast this evening when I was searching through my iPod and I found a comedian I haven't listened to in a long time.
Mitch Hedberg was a genius comedian that had a way with one liners on par with Steven Wright. He was a hilarious comedian, and if you havent heard any of his routines then I highly suggest you check him out. He's got this silly, personality and says all the stupid things that we all think about.
Here is a massive list of some of his work.
Mitch Hedberg Jokes

Sadly Mitch has Shuffled off this mortal coil back on March 29th 2005. Give him a listen seriously and I gurantee you will giggle yourself silly.

Zen for the day

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When the night is still, you can hear the silence. When the mind is
still, listen to the silence and let it guide you.
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

David after Dentist

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I Came across this video not too long ago and I think that it is absolutely hilarious!
You have got to see this. Im sorry that my post isnt more involved and story like but I dont have much to say tonight. I hope you enjoy the video I have chosen for you.
Be Excellent to each other!

Zen for the day.

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Success is not found in what you have achieved, but rather in who you
have become.
Monday, February 9, 2009

Review and my New Excitement!!

Whad up foo?
How is everyone feeling tonight? I hope everyone is well! I have had a rather productive evening. I got back from the gym not to long ago. I had a really good work out and feel wonderful. Sore in places I need three mirrors to see.

I am sitting at my Little kitchen Nook and writing write now while I Make my chili. It was so good last time and lasted me for so long, I decided to make more! See if I can make it any better.

But by the end of the day today I found out some great news. Christopher Moore, one of my absolute favorite writers has a new book coming out tomorrow!! Its called Fool! I knew that he had a new book coming out but completely forgot about when so When I received an email from the man himself, I flipped out! Its based off of King Lear which I was in this past winter. It cannot get any better than this! So tomorrow I am going to go pick up this little gem and start reading it right away!
The downside of it was that I was already near the end of this other book I was reading Called "In The Woods"
(brb I have to add a drop to the chili....Back)

So I was most of the way through this book,
Luckily I just sat down and finished the last 60 pages.
If I must say, I really did enjoy this story. It took me forever to get through it for some reason. Maybe because it was so beautifully written that I lingered on every word. I really felt like I was immersed in this world that the author invented.
The story is based off of a murder of a little girl in a small town in Ireland called Knocknaree. Two detectives take up the case named, Maddox and Ryan. Ryan is the only survivor of an incident when he was a child where he ran off into the woods with his two firends and after long hours and days, ended up that he was the only one found with blood soaked socks and shoes, and he doesnt remember a thing. The characters in this story are so involved its shocking. It takes you through the relationship between a male and female partnership in the Murder Squad. Along with the struggles of solving a case that is almost impossible. Its very rare that I get emotionally involved with the characters in books but I really felt like I knew these people. When the did things that I felt were wrong or something like that, I found myself angry at the book and not wanting to read it. Until I realized what I was doing and picked the book back up and finished it.
The book does drag on a little through the beginning but it is strangely addicting. I definately wanted to finish it and I found the ending very satisfying, and found myself incredibly angry that I couldnt come up to the murderer and slap them in the face.
It was a really good read, So I highly suggest it to anyone who wants a nice whodunnit to read.
Lets say I would give this a 4 our of 5. Because of its great reading ability but the lacking of something going for a good 200 pages. But I still have to say it kept me wanting to see what happens next. Check it out... But don't take my word for it!

Buh dun dun!
(the little theme that plays after they talk about a book??? Come on people!)

I cannot wait till tomorrow. It feels like christmas a little. Is it sad that I am so excited about a book? I sure hope not.

I hope everyone has a great night!! I will talk about the book tomorrow cause as soon as I get it I am reading the hell out of it!


P.S. I also found out today that Christopher Moore, The man himself is coming to town on the 27th of February for signings. I will be there, Im gonna get a signature on as many of his books as possible. ( I have all of them so he's gonna be busy)

Zen for the day.

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The cause of all suffering is craving. Desire things that you do not
have and suffering will follow. Realize this and peace will be yours.
Suffering will dissappear and contentment will reign
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fucking Great!

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One Minute Writing...

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Hello all.
How was everyones day? Mine was alright I suppose. A little sore from the Bike ride yesterday, and a little bit in a funk. But what are you gonna do?

I got to go home and play with my puppy and see my family for a little bit today. I wasn't going to go for another bike ride seeing how the trails were still awful, so I went home instead. I got to play with Brady, we went for a walk and wrestled around a bit, and hang out with my Dad, just catching up and BSing. So it was a nice relaxing kinda thing. Other than that I did not really do much.
But to keep this post interesting I found this other blog called The One-Minute Writer. Check it out its a very neat writing prompt site and I figured I'd give it a shot.

Today's post is
If you had one extra hour a day, how would you spend it?

Chances are I would sleep. I love sleeping and I never get enough of it so, Chances are I would sleep. But then if I really think about it I would prolly use it for more time of reading, and watching movies. Since those are some of my favorite ways to relax, I would probably do more of those than sleep.

Wow. That was kinda fun!
Have a good night everyone. Have a great week!

Zen for the day.

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Tao is truth.
Follow it.
Meditate on it.
Become it.
Then forget it.
Only then can you live it.
Saturday, February 7, 2009

Swing and The Mudman!

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Greetings readers.
How is everyone doing tonight? I am alright. I had a Highly productive day if I must say so myself. I got to wake up this morning and go to another swing dance class at the gym. It was a lot of fun. We learned a new turn called a zip turn. I had a lot of fun and cannot wait till the class is fully started and I can go for 8 weeks and I can get back out and move!

After the swing dance class I decided it was time for another bike ride. The weather was supposed to be 60 all weekend and when I walked out after a little nap after the dance class, the weather was warm and the sun was shining and the little voice inside my head screamed, BIKE RIDE!!!
So what am I supposed to do? Ignore the screaming thrill junkie that lives in my ear? Of course not, we all know that would be a bad thing.
It was a beautiful day! Let me tell you. I finally got to go on my favorite trail. Difficult run!

The entrance to Difficult Run.

I really wish that there was a way for me to take my camera with and attach it to "honey" so I can show you a little video of the trail itself. One day I will figure it out. But let me tell you, with all the melted snow, the trail was 100% muddy. I barely hit a dry part in the run. Now I know that MTB is bad on muddy trails and it destroys everything on the trail but in my defense, it did not get muddy until I was a little ways in and I could not turn back. But either way I had a great time and feel amazing even though by the end of my ride I and " Honey" was covered head to toe with mud. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

My Bike Honey all Dirty. She was a lot worse off before I got her home. Imagine the tires twice as big with mud. Had to ride through a few wetspots.

My poor Chain Ring and Front Derailer

My legs before I started washing off my bike. Dried mud is itchy!

This is the difference between dirt and clean. Taken after getting wet cleaning the bike.
(Gross I know but you can deal with it)

My ride all clean. Cannot wait to get out there and get her all muddy again!

Have a great night everyone!
Friday, February 6, 2009

My Video of the week.

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Hello everyone.
Well, I dont know about ya'll but I am thankful that this week is over. This has just been a stressful week and I am ready to enjoy the weekend. Right now the lady is passed out right next to me. And I am awake watching Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law!!
Incredible show.
Tomorrow morning we have to get up and go to the second lesson of our swing dance class, excited about that. Hopefully tomorrow is supposed to be around 60 degrees outside and Ill get a chance to go for a Bike Ride too! This weekend has some exciting prospects. I will keep you updated of course!
But to sum up this week, I have chosen a video I used to be obsessed about. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. Goodnight and Goodluck

Daily zen

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What is, is. What is not, is not. No amount of wishing or wanting will
change that simple fact.
Thursday, February 5, 2009

Zen For the Day

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What happens to you does not matter: what you become through those experiences is all that is significant. This is the True Meaning of life.
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poor Poor Christian...

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Hello Everyone,
I just got back from my podcast and tonight it was a good episode. Please give it a listen its
and part of the episode had to do with the following.

Everyone knows who Christian Bale is, Famous for such films like, Newsies, American Psycho, and who cant forget, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight. Well he is apparently in the new Transformers movie and in the middle of a scene this happens....

Serously, Who the hell does he think he is? I know that he is a great actor and can make tons of money and really gets into his roles, but what kind of a self centered little man goes nuts over something so small. I as an actor have been distracted before, and I have never lost my shit over it, I have either said please stop, can you do that later? Something respectful to that fact. I would never ever freak out like this no matter how serious a role is, because without that DP? He would not be making this film.
So get off your High horse CB.

Goodnight all.

Zen for the day

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Unite all things. When all of your energies are going in the same
direction, great things will happen. When you unify others, success is
assured. Work in harmony with the Way, and all things will flourish.
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sorry all

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Well im sorry to say that I am not feeling very well. I have been coughing for the past couple of days and its gotten to the point where I think I've cracked a rib. Do I actually think it happend? No I dont really but it hurts to breathe sometimes right on my ribs, so it certainly feels that way. Also I have a headache and my eyes are sore. I cant explain that either. So I dont have much to actually write about. Im sorry for the lame post, but every blogger has one or two of those right?
Hopefully I will feel better in the morning and if not... Well im going into work anyways. Hooray!

Gnight Sleep tight.

I think I cracked my rib.

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Zen for the day

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The scent of the flower is carried by the wind, only going where the
wind blows, but your virtue radiates in all directions, touching
Monday, February 2, 2009

Trying to look up.

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Good Evening everyone,
I hope everyone has had a wonderful day!
Mine started off great. I was rested, back at work, ready to go. Looking forward to the week ahead. But around 330 my day started to go sour. I really don't want to go into it, but lets put it this way, I have been working there for a year now, and sometimes I still feel like its my first day.

Well, most of the time, I feel like I am a Taoist, just moving along like the river going over or around any obstacle that comes in my way. Looking at the now and just living in happiness. ( I know the Taoist doesnt consider themselves a Taoist but for the purpose of writing...)
But its really hard to stay in the philosophy sometimes. The rest of the Day just brought me down, and I wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep for the rest of the day. I just wanted to give up.

right now I am sitting in my bed surrounded by my boys ( Maq and Mason) and you know what? today wasn't a bad day. I just had a little bit of a snag in the fabric. Cause as soon as I got home I got to go to the gym, read some of my book, and I got to work a lot on my puzzle, ( its coming along great) and I got to discover a new show, Paranormal State. It just keeps coming back to me that no matter what happens, its not the end of the world no matter how bad it is. Life is good and its the little things everyday that makes it great, not some silly boss or coworker.
So, I am happy and I cannot wait to start the day tomorrow.
To all of you, in the great words of two amazing Philosophers, "Be Excellent to eachother."
Good night.

PS. Can you tell me the name of the 2 philosophers?

Good morning.

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Good morning everyone.
Today I thought we would just start off with a quote.

"Envy, hatred and illusion are the roots of evil. To be free of these
is the root of good"
The Dhammapada

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This is a Two poster!

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Hello everyone!
Ive had a pretty hectic day and haven't had time to post the Fun parts so This is Going to be a double poster!!

So I woke up this morning with an email from the Lady saying that it was supposed to be 50 degrees and she was going to go for a run outside. As soon as I heard that, I got out of bed ran to the front door and checked the temperature. It was a gorgeous day outside. Not too hot, not too cool. a perfect day for a Bike ride!
I got really excited and got my stuff Immediately to go for a ride on Difficult Run. DR is the hard trail for me, and since I havent been on any trail besides a quick ride here and there, I am pretty out of shape, bikewise. But I decided I was going to go anyway, enjoy the weather and have a beautiful challenging ride. But when I got to the trail, and started down, there was ice and slush everywhere. It was just about impossible ( at least at my skill level) to ride on that, plus its bad for the trail. I tried it and fell over twice. Not bad mind you but i lost tire grip and just slid around. Thank god I didnt go far otherwise the ride back up would have been rediculous. But did I let that bring me down? Nope, I just took a nice hour long ride on the W&OD trail. It was fun and really great to get back out on the old horse.

As soon as I got home from my ride, I had to shower and leave to go see the Superbowl at The lady's friends house from her school. There were tons of people there and it was an amazing time! Especially since the STEELERS WON AGAIN!!!
Im not in general a die hard steelers fan, The lady is so its starting to rub off on me. But It was an incredible nail biting game! The Cardinals played a fantastic game and had them going for the most of it, but leave it to the steelers to win at literally the last seconds of the game!! It was so much fun, I got to hang out with some people I havent seen in a while, I got to have good food, and meet some new people. It was a really great day.

I hope everyones day was as good, if not better!! Have a great week everyone! I am off to bed.