Sunday, February 1, 2009

This is a Two poster!

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Hello everyone!
Ive had a pretty hectic day and haven't had time to post the Fun parts so This is Going to be a double poster!!

So I woke up this morning with an email from the Lady saying that it was supposed to be 50 degrees and she was going to go for a run outside. As soon as I heard that, I got out of bed ran to the front door and checked the temperature. It was a gorgeous day outside. Not too hot, not too cool. a perfect day for a Bike ride!
I got really excited and got my stuff Immediately to go for a ride on Difficult Run. DR is the hard trail for me, and since I havent been on any trail besides a quick ride here and there, I am pretty out of shape, bikewise. But I decided I was going to go anyway, enjoy the weather and have a beautiful challenging ride. But when I got to the trail, and started down, there was ice and slush everywhere. It was just about impossible ( at least at my skill level) to ride on that, plus its bad for the trail. I tried it and fell over twice. Not bad mind you but i lost tire grip and just slid around. Thank god I didnt go far otherwise the ride back up would have been rediculous. But did I let that bring me down? Nope, I just took a nice hour long ride on the W&OD trail. It was fun and really great to get back out on the old horse.

As soon as I got home from my ride, I had to shower and leave to go see the Superbowl at The lady's friends house from her school. There were tons of people there and it was an amazing time! Especially since the STEELERS WON AGAIN!!!
Im not in general a die hard steelers fan, The lady is so its starting to rub off on me. But It was an incredible nail biting game! The Cardinals played a fantastic game and had them going for the most of it, but leave it to the steelers to win at literally the last seconds of the game!! It was so much fun, I got to hang out with some people I havent seen in a while, I got to have good food, and meet some new people. It was a really great day.

I hope everyones day was as good, if not better!! Have a great week everyone! I am off to bed.

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  1. Wearing Mascara says:

    YAY!!!! I am SO excited that the Steelers won!!!! :-) I love you! xoxo

    February 1, 2009 at 10:16 PM

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