Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lunch tale

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Ok so let me start off my telling you how embarrassed I am right now.
I eat Smartones for lunch because I'm still trying to follow my weight watchers points. And in general I'm the only one in the office who eats them. So as I was leaving the house today I went to the freezer to pick up my lunch and because I only get ones that I like, I didn't have to check to see what I was going to be eating today because either way I would like it. I drive to work and place my food in the freezer in the same spot where I always put it and out of the Corner of my eye I caught a Glimpse of what I was going to be eating that day, I THINK it was Swedish Meatballs. Now its time for me to go to lunch, so I go to the kitchen and grab
my food," Oh! Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo. I thought I had this yesterday, Oh

So I heat it up go outside and eat my lunch like I always do. I come back in when a co-worker of mine comes over and asks me what I had for lunch. I thought it was a little odd that she would come over and ask cause I don't really see or talk to her all that much.

"Chicken Alfredo" Said I.
"You ate my lunch" Said she.

Strike One. Holy crap I have honestly no idea how that happened. I just grabbed the lunch I thought was mine and heated it up I felt so bad an apologized all over myself.

"You can have my lunch" I said
"I don't like the lunch you got" Said she.

Strike two!! Now she has to go out and get a lunch. I told her I would payfor her lunch but she said that it was alright it was an honest mistake and that he would take a replacement. After apologizing multiple times she said its alright and I will get her a replacement meal tomorrow.

Unfortunately half of the office knows that I accidentally ate her

Strike three! From the hours to 2pm to 5pm I am getting teased about being hungry and sharing my food and to not be so greedy. People asking if I wanted to go to lunch and then deciding it would be a bad idea because I wouldn't let them eat theirs. The whole office was laughing. So yea! That happened. But you know what, its totally fine. As embarrassing as it is, the whole office is laughing and if I happen to be at the butt of the joke making everyone laugh, that's alright by me. As long as everyone is smiling and having fun I could care less if it was at my expense, especially over such a small matter. Besides my coworker isn't upset with me at all.
And if someone around here gives me trouble, Ill just threaten to eat his or her lunch!

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  1. Charlee says:

    ahahaha that is too funny...sounds like a seinfeld episode or something!

    February 19, 2009 at 12:50 PM

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