Monday, February 9, 2009

Review and my New Excitement!!

Whad up foo?
How is everyone feeling tonight? I hope everyone is well! I have had a rather productive evening. I got back from the gym not to long ago. I had a really good work out and feel wonderful. Sore in places I need three mirrors to see.

I am sitting at my Little kitchen Nook and writing write now while I Make my chili. It was so good last time and lasted me for so long, I decided to make more! See if I can make it any better.

But by the end of the day today I found out some great news. Christopher Moore, one of my absolute favorite writers has a new book coming out tomorrow!! Its called Fool! I knew that he had a new book coming out but completely forgot about when so When I received an email from the man himself, I flipped out! Its based off of King Lear which I was in this past winter. It cannot get any better than this! So tomorrow I am going to go pick up this little gem and start reading it right away!
The downside of it was that I was already near the end of this other book I was reading Called "In The Woods"
(brb I have to add a drop to the chili....Back)

So I was most of the way through this book,
Luckily I just sat down and finished the last 60 pages.
If I must say, I really did enjoy this story. It took me forever to get through it for some reason. Maybe because it was so beautifully written that I lingered on every word. I really felt like I was immersed in this world that the author invented.
The story is based off of a murder of a little girl in a small town in Ireland called Knocknaree. Two detectives take up the case named, Maddox and Ryan. Ryan is the only survivor of an incident when he was a child where he ran off into the woods with his two firends and after long hours and days, ended up that he was the only one found with blood soaked socks and shoes, and he doesnt remember a thing. The characters in this story are so involved its shocking. It takes you through the relationship between a male and female partnership in the Murder Squad. Along with the struggles of solving a case that is almost impossible. Its very rare that I get emotionally involved with the characters in books but I really felt like I knew these people. When the did things that I felt were wrong or something like that, I found myself angry at the book and not wanting to read it. Until I realized what I was doing and picked the book back up and finished it.
The book does drag on a little through the beginning but it is strangely addicting. I definately wanted to finish it and I found the ending very satisfying, and found myself incredibly angry that I couldnt come up to the murderer and slap them in the face.
It was a really good read, So I highly suggest it to anyone who wants a nice whodunnit to read.
Lets say I would give this a 4 our of 5. Because of its great reading ability but the lacking of something going for a good 200 pages. But I still have to say it kept me wanting to see what happens next. Check it out... But don't take my word for it!

Buh dun dun!
(the little theme that plays after they talk about a book??? Come on people!)

I cannot wait till tomorrow. It feels like christmas a little. Is it sad that I am so excited about a book? I sure hope not.

I hope everyone has a great night!! I will talk about the book tomorrow cause as soon as I get it I am reading the hell out of it!


P.S. I also found out today that Christopher Moore, The man himself is coming to town on the 27th of February for signings. I will be there, Im gonna get a signature on as many of his books as possible. ( I have all of them so he's gonna be busy)

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  1. Wearing Mascara says:

    YAY! I'm excited that you're excited!

    Btw, I want chili just not spicy. :-)

    February 9, 2009 at 8:30 PM

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