Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Chili!

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I cannot tell you how long I have been dying to make some chili. I finally got the ingrediants to try out this Recipe I found on line. Seeing how I am fairly new in the house I moved in, we dont have much in the way of spices and ingrediants so I had to go to the grocery store to pick them up.
Here is what I had to get.
I think the total amount was around 40 bucks for all of it. But let me tell you it was worth it.
The total time it took was 2 hours to cook the whole thing. It has these things called drops, where after a certain amount of time, you add the spices to the chili and they cook and soak in with everything making everthing perfect.

Just starting to brown the 2 lbs of meat

This is after the first drop, And yes that is a whole Jalapeno in there.

End of the 3rd drop.

And this was my dinner. Mmmhmm, And yes thats mgd 64, its only one point on Weight Watchers... 1 point.

This was fantastic, it was sweet and spicy and the same time and i have enough to have it for lunch for the next WEEK! This is gonna be a great week!!

Jump Jive an' Wail

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Hello all you Flappers and Suits!
I had a wonderful morning today. Not only did I wake up next to the woman I love, I got to go to a swing dance class at my gym! I cannot tell you how much I love swing dancing! I used to go to classes all the time back in High School, and a few courses in college! But it still has been about 5 years since I've gone and done it!
And my gym is hosting an 8 week class for swing dance!
Oh man it was great to get back up and move again. It was so much fun! I cannot wait to go back next week and learn more moves and steps. Then you never know I might actually get to take the lady out to a Dance club and we can rip up the Dance floor kick by kick!

Now I am getting ready to may myself some home made chili! Nothing better than A night making chili that takes 4 hours to cook, and lots and lots of beer!
Read you laterS!!
Friday, January 30, 2009

Who Framed an Awesome Movie?!

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I just finished watching one of my favorite movies with a couple of my friends.
How can you not love this movie? There is Action, Romance, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Paddy Cake ( wink wink). This is one of the movies I could watch anytime and always be in the mood for it. And being a cartoon nut, I just sit there and go through all the references in my head. Like the portable hole, which is featured a lot, comes from the Looney Tunes Cartoon called " The Whole Idea", Originally released in 1955! ( I know, I have serious issues).
Going through the movie scene by scene, I never realized how dirty this movie really is when you think about it. I would have never gotten the paddy cake scene until now. But then again, that's another thing that made this movie great, it kept the innocence alive and instead of Adultery there was Paddy Cake and it was hilarious for all ages. I plan on watching this movie well into my 200's.
Watch this movie as much as you can, there is nothing better than keeping your childhood alive by watching a couple of cartoons and laughing your cares away!
Have a great night everyone!

PS. Here is a picture for all the guys out there.

Yeah, Real life Jessica Rabbit. I know right?!?


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You should each individually clarify your own mind, Getting to the
root without pursuing the branches.

We Live on Avenue Q!

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OK. I cannot tell you how excited I am right now.

I have been Dying to see this musical Called Avenue Q. Its basically Sesame Street but 100% sick and wrong! I even have most of the Soundtrack memorized! So after getting some inside knowledge, I found out that the musical is coming to town on tour for a week! And guess who has 2 thumbs and tickets to see the show....

( points thumbs to self)

I am so excited. The Lady J and I are going on the 13th of February. I can gurantee the giddiness that will ensue on the days before and the day of the show! Ill also be doing a review the night of the show or the morning after, depending on how late we stay out afterwards.. Just thought Id share.
Can't Wait!
Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Hot Night

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Hello everyone.
This is going to be my last post for the evening. I just wanted to talk about my night. Im going to keep this short. The Lady J came over and we cooked dinner together. This is the end result was this...
It was delicious. What your looking at is baked chicken tenders covered with pita chips. I know! They were delicious and it was a genius idea by the Lady.
But while this was being made this happend.
Yeah see that? Thats 2nd degree burn on my palm. I grabbed the cooking sheet that we had to preheat with my bare hand. Heated to 400 Degrees. so needless to say this is why im keeping this short because its taking me forever to type. You cant see it but there are little blisters, forming there in the palm. kinda hard to take a shot with my iphone.
Have a good night.
And my hand hurts a lot.

Enjoy This!

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I love these guys. Just sit back and enjoy the wonder that is Flight of the Conchords.

Stickin it to the Man!!

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Good evening everyone!!
How was everyone's Day?!? Mine was pretty good actually. With the good morning tunes playing and getting to work on time it was an all in all damn good day. Plus I have a few things up my sleeve that was just making my day a lot easier and a hell of a lot nicer, that if the Bosslady and Bossman found out about I'd get Fussed at. Its just my own little way of not Letting the Bastards Grind me down.

Usually when I go to work I wear a stiffer shoe. No sneakers or Loafers or anything like that, but someting like a more dressy shoe, but for the past week I have been walking around the office in heaven, in these little puppies!

Comfy as hell Let me tell you! These are basically slippers! Im walking around my place of buisness in bedroom slippers. Thats right! My Puffy Little shoes! Now I know what your thinkin, so what they dont look that bad, with jeans they look downright trendy. But still, Where i work is a fast paced mad house most of the time and when everyone else is running around, Im walking on sunshine on these bad boys.
For the real kicker.
I listened to my iPod ALL DAY!!
Thats right People! Thats how im stickin it to the man. I was listening to music all day, And I answer phones and Talk to People all day! Thats right. And im gonna tell ya. I was 78 % more productive than I usually am. So not only am I listening to tunes, Im getting more work done and Getting praised for it! Bosses think Im doing a great job in finishing my work and helping out with others around the office!
Thats right!
It was a damn good day!

Now The lady J is coming over and shes going to cook for me its going to be soo good!

What other ways do you stick it to the man?

Wake up tunes

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Good morning bloggers.
I hope everyones day is filled with happiness and good luck.
I just wanted to share that when my alarms go off in the morning ( I
hve three different ones) I keep hitting the snooze button. But not
this morning. This morning my ihome decided to play an amazing artist
named Tracy Nelson. This was the first morning in a long time I've
gotten up to the music and just listened and got ready. This woman is
amazing. You have got to check out her music.
Enjoy and have a great day!!
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Podcast

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Hello everyone!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! I just got back from doing my podcast. Yes, that's right I have a podcast. It's called The Suckcast. We've only been broadcasting since around early September, so were still really new at this But we have at least 13 episodes up. We are essentially a movie review show but we will talk about whatever we like. I do have to warn all of you that it is raw and immature. But thats just the way we like it!! We are working on getting a format going and somethings to atually look forward each week. But please check it out if you would like. We are available on iTunes. Please check us out and let me know what you think!
But in regards to that, we did our first top five lists we hope to continue with. Tonights list was top 5 comics from childhood. I cheated a little bit because when I was a kid, I didn't actually keep up with a lot of comics. I kinda just read one here and there. So I combined my favorites then, to two of my favorites now. So here they are.

  1. Ghost Rider!

2. W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S
3. Uncanny X-Men
4. The Goon
5. Kick-Ass
Now I know the First 3 are not around much anymore. They all have different story lines and backgrounds. But the last two are awesome!!
check them out!!

Dr. Seuss is the man

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You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can
steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And
you know what you know. You are the one who'll decide where to go.

Not bad!

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I just realized that I forgot my lunch at home. But I Come back to my
desk and receive an email from boss lady!
The office is having a pizza day!! Damn weight watcher!
But still, not bad!

Dan Guy
A friendly note from your neighborhood iPhone.

Unscheduled leve!?!?

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What the hell does that mean?
I woke up this morning, again in the hopes that the snow gods have
blessed me in a day off from work. I did. I did my sacrafical snow
dance of the inverted sleepwear. I finished all things I planned to
get done. And when I woke up in the morning to check to see if the
gov't was closed it said
Unscheduled leave!!
What the hell is that? Does that mean I have the day off? Is that some
way to say. Congratulations laughing soul you can stay in all day and
work on you puzzle, watch scrubs and vege out!!
No. To my dissappointment it means fuck-all! I'm going to work today
and spending my morning in the cold!
But hey it's alright. I'm in a good mood and I'm alive.
Have a great day every body!!

Laughing Soul
Posted by my iPhone.
Mmm mmm good.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My dinner

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Ok I made this for dinner. No recipe I just kinda took what I had and
made this! Stir fry!! He'll yeah!

The Old Man

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Ok so here's the deali-o.
A week or so ago, I was having a conversation at work during a little down time. OK I lied, we didn't have any down time, we were slacking off but that's besides the point.
During the conversation for some reason, someone mentioned that I act like an old man.
What the hell are you talking about I ask.
Well, apparently my co workers, Wendy and Tamara think I'm an old man for the following reasons,
  • I like to take naps
  • I like puzzles
  • I watch what I eat
  • I have back problems
  • I wear patchwork driving caps.
  • I like to read and relax.
  • I love old radio shows
  • I love old cartoons
  • I would rather stay in and hang out with friends than go out.
Well... I don't think... That's not...Ok maybe I do act like an old man.
But is there anything wrong with taking it easy and relaxing? I'm sorry, with the life that i lead sometimes I am out till 4 in the morning or I don't even get home till after midnight on a weekday and I need to relax. It just so happens that the things that make me relax are things that older gentleman like.
What do you do to help you relax?

Winter weather!!

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It's snowing here in old va! This is supposed to be our blizzard. I
kinda hope not cause it's not going to be a very good one.
But when I got up this morning, I hoped and prayed that it was going
to be enough so that I could have the day off from work. So I look
outside and everyhing was covered in white! My heart jumped in hopes
for missing work.
With pjs on backwards I checked my computer to see if I would be
missing work today. My heart dropped as I came to a realization that I
am a grownup now, and because the fairfax county government sucks, I
will have to brave the roads and head into work. Silly silly government.
So here I am enjoying my lunch at work. Boo. I'd much rather enjoy my
lunch in my pj's.
Remember back in the day when it would snow, you get off of school and
go play out with your friends? I would have
My friends over and we would play epic snowball capture the flag. You
could actually play with forts!! How bad ass is that?
Do you have any snowy memories?

Dan Guy
A friendly note from your neighborhood iPhone.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I miss my bike.

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I really miss riding my Mountain Bike. I got into mountain biking back when I was in high school. Everyday after school I would come home and ride around in the paths back behind my house and running through the woods getting dirty, and I would be out there for hours on end.
Once Went to college I lost the interest and the time to go riding.

I got seriously back into it last summer. I picked up a beautiful bike, a 2008 Trek 4300.

That's my baby right there, aptly named Honey

I really got into riding. I would go 2 to 3 times a week around there area. My favorite trail is called Difficult Run. It was the perfect name chosen for the trail, up down, jumps, technical parts. Its very challenging and after riding the trail dozens of times, I am still not all that great at it.

It really really sucks not being able to just get out of work and go for a ride, I am aching for it to get to the point where there is more daylight after 5 pm, and just a little bit cooler, so I can get back out there and get dirty.
I got some new pedals and Shoes with clips for Christmas. Ive been riding a little bit just to give them a shot but I cannot wait till I can actually get out on the trail and see how much my performance changes.

Also I am looking for a possible race i can get into to give me an actual tangible goal to accomplish over the summer. Anyone know of any?
What kind of outdoor activity do you like to do?

Monday morning.

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Does anyone else have a huge issue on getting up on a Monday morning?
Where you realize that this is the beginnig of a week you just plan to
forget on Friday anyways?
Now don't get me wrong I don't mind getting up and going to work, it's
just that the week should not start off at 7 am after a great weekend.
It should be on the honor system and you should be able to come I
whenever you feel like it as long as you finish all your work for the
Kind of ease your way back onto the week, it worked for elementary
school, why did it ever stop

Laughing soul

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Wrestler Review

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I did something that I havent done in a very long time. I saw two movies in two days. Yesterday I saw Underworld : Rise of the Lycans with my friend Mike. After writing my review, I fell asleep at his place and we decided that when we woke up we would go see The Wrestler in the morning when we got up. So thats exatly what we did.
And now my review!

Wow. This movie was Fantastic. It was definitely not what I was expecting. But to tell you the truth, waking into this movie, I really didnt know what to expect. I just heard that it was going to be very good and pardon my German but it fucking was! I dont even know where to start describing this film for you. From the looks of the poster you can just think of a typical flick where a wrestler fights his way from the bottom to the top.
Well, it is kinda what happend except vice versa. This Wrestler was at the top and we join him at the end of his time and the struggles he goes through. You kind of get a look behind the scenes of some of the wrestling shows that are out there which is kind of cool. But it more focuses on the life of this wrestler named Randy " The Ram" Robinson, played by Mickey Rourke and what his life is like after falling from grace. The lack of money, weekend wrestling jobs, and just trying to get by and do what he loves, when he gets hit with a heart attack and is told that he cannot go to the ring anymore. He is forced to change his life and ends up being alone just trying to make his life right.
He spends some of his time courting the lovely Cassidy played by Marisa Tomei. Cassidy is a stripper at a local joint, called Cheeks, (enter boyish giggle here). They go back and fourth and you really get a sense of the relationship between these two people.
In The Rams desperate attempt of easing his loneliness he goes and tries to rebuild a relationship with his daughter Stephanie Robinson played by Evan Rachel Wood.

The performances done by Rourke and Tomei are beautifully done. Rourke plays The Ram with a good heart and an ache to just be loved and accepted. I fell in love with The Ram right away in memories of my old wrestling heroes, and how he is towards other people, just a loving man with a good soul trying to do the best that he can. As for Tomei Props to her for playing a stripper and strutting her stuff infront of the camera. (takes guts) Her performance was incredible as well showing her two different personalities on and off the stripper stage, and her feelings for The Ram and the relationship they share. Both of them deserve the oscar noms they received.

This movie is a beautifully done story. It will make you laugh and oddly enough it will make you cry too. I can almost guarantee you that if you see this movie you will come out feeling gratefull for what you have. A beautiful movie.

Tts really hard not to go into this and not reveal everything that happens so I am just giving you a sense of what the film is like and how it comes across.

I am giving this movie 8 out of 10 Body slams!!
Go See this movie!! It is limited release so its not out everywhere, but it has got to be playing somewhere.
IF youve seen the movie, let me know what you think.

Dan According to uban

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My Roommate found this for me and I thought I would share it.

I removed the first one because it felt it wasn't necessary on my postings. Otherwise Enjoy!!!

2. Dan 949 up, 240 down love ithate it

noun A man of unusual humor, consistently finding strange, and lewd comments amusing and/or entertaining in a way as to prevoke violent and uncontrolled outbursts of laughter.
the dan could not control him his mirth as he viewed the movie "Old School's" lewd comedy.
3. DAN 545 up, 213 down love ithate it

What your girl be screamin' while you at work.
Ohhh DAN, DAN, your SO GOOD!

4. DAN 420 up, 253 down love ithate it

Can also be used to describe anally pandering someone and can really mean anything you want it to.
I'm going to DAN you so hard your DAN falls off and DAN will thoroughly DANicate on your DAN. MASSIVE.
5. Dan 343 up, 177 down love ithate it

stone cold pimp, mac daddy.
Dan is thee coolest dude I know
6. Dan 377 up, 246 down love ithate it

The bestest friend you could ever have everrr !
dan is too amazing for examples
7. Dan 197 up, 128 down love ithate it

A very perverted person that is obsessed by sex and can't live without it. Every sentence he uses or move he makes is somehow related to sex.
Stop looking at my pussy you dan!!!
Omg, you're such a dan!!

Pillow Barrier- Response

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Ok everyone.
I have something that I would like to post.
My Girlfriend, The Lady J, Has a blog of her own and its called Wearing Mascara. Its a good Blog and she recently posted up something that I would like to respond to.

Here is a link to the post, Pillow Barrier, Please read it if you havent already and then continue on to my response.

Alright It is not a Pillow Barrier my dear. Here is my explanation for you and maybe all of you will understand.
I started to cuddle the pillow a long time ago when I was young and trying to kick the habit of sleeping with stuffed animals, ( man that was a rough senior year.) It helped though, it really did and now I am teddy bear free...(that Lady J knows of).

And since i did it for so long it has continued to this day and it is just the way that I sleep. Now I understand that the Lady J is asking " Why would you cuddle with the pillow when I'm right here?" Well my beloved, I do cuddle with you, I love to cuddle with you, its one of my favorite things to do! But let me ask all of you ladies and gentlemen something, if you sit and cuddle with your significant other can you actually fall asleep while cuddling with them? I know I cant. Its difficult, Its not because i dont love her its because i enjoy the feeling of blood flowing through my arms, and my back being comfortable when i sleep. Also one thing that the Lady didn't explain, is that I am an insomniac, I never ever sleep and when i do its in short bursts, so I have to toss and turn all night before I can get some rest. Now I love cuddling but with all the tossing and turning i do, would you like me to hold on to you while i roll all over the bed? I dont think you would enjoy being treated like a rag doll and you know you could always roll over and put your arm around me ya know, cuddling goes both ways (ooo score one for the Boyfriend!!)

You can also look at it this way, I love you so much and don't want to let you go, that I pretend that the pillow is you, and I carry it with me as I toss and turn because i respect you while you sleep and i take the pillow where i go instead of tossing you around. Your welcome.

As for the barrier. Im not going to lie, i dont know how that happens, when I finally get to go to sleep maybe I lose my grip on the pillow and sometimes it just happens to be in between you and me. Sometimes when I wake up its laying on the floor next to me. So its not that I strategically place the pillow between us so that we cant cuddle in the morning.

Now, I dont know about you, But if there were a mountain between us ( the pillow) I would climb it, Tunnel through it, or move it to get to you, and I would let nothing stand in the way of holding you.
(ooo point two for the boyfriendoo)

I love you Lady and Always will and no mountain or pillow will come between us when i want to cuddle with you.

I feel better. That is my response
What do you think? Do i have any kind of defence here or am i just on my own?
Saturday, January 24, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycan Review.

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I just got back from seeing the new movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Here Check out the Trailer if you haven't.

I went with my friend Mike, we're both rather large underworld fans.

Originally I went into this movie, thinking that it was going to be like every other prequel that has come out in the past, But I have to say that this movie was amazing. They did a very nice job of keeping everything in line with the story that 1 & 2 set up for us.

I dont want to ruin anything for anyone but the premise of the movie is the story between two races ( Vampire and Lycan ( Werewolfs)) and the start of the war between them. Giving you back story, and a point of view from the Lycans instead of the first two movies which were both from the point of view of the Vampire.
The film itself was very nicely put together, it flowed very well and if you havent seen the other two movies you would not be confused on what was going on at all. ( i guess thats kind of the point of a prequel but whatever.) If you go out and see this movie all it will do is give you another prespective of the later films and give you a better understanding.

The biggest complaint i heard about this film was the fact that Kate Beckinsale was not in it. But to tell you the truth, this was way before her time in the timeline of the movies. It actually brings it around nicely to her as a matter of fact and I dont think it was an issue that she wasnt in the film at all. Especially cause Rhona Mitra does a fantastic job as Sonja and is rather attractive if I might say so myself.

I dont have any issues with this movie to be honest with you. It was a great movie and it was nicely done and told a great story as a precurser to the other underworld films. Out of all three of them i think this is the best one. I Highly recommend you go out and see this movie! Very entertaining and a good story as well. It borders on the differnce between Popcorn Blockbusters and True Cinema.

I give this Movie 4 stars.

What do you think?

PS. There will be many more movie reviews to come. I usually like to get more in depth with movies. I love movies. If youve seen the movie, Tell me what you think. Id like to hear your input


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Checking out this whole mobile post.
Seeing if it works!

Relaxing Saturday

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Oh I cant tell you how much I love this saturday so far.

If you read my first blog, on of my guilty pleasures is Old Time Radio Shows, Guess what came in the Mail today?!?

I ordered these guys and have been looking forward to them getting here for a while. Some of my absolute favorites. And the best part s that Two of them were Free!! I'm going to upload them in my iTunes, and then I'm going to listen to them on my wonderful Radio.

This is my Wonderful old Radio Replica that My Girlfriend Lady J gave me for Christmas. Its awesome!! Sounds great and it just makes listening to those shows all the better.

Rattie Playtime has also taken place!

My Boys Maq and Mason

Thurston The Lady J's
(bad picture)
But its definitely Spencer. He doesn't stay still long

I plan on spending some of the rest of the day doing some laundry and Reading my book, In The Woods By Tana French,
Hopefully sitting down and working on my puzzle which looks like this.

Its supposed to look like this.

Oh don't worry. Ill keep you updated on the puzzle madness.
Basically My saturday has can be summed up into one picture....

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!!

Lets Give this a Shot.

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Hello Everyone.
I thought I would give this whole blog thing a try. I never think I have anything to write about when I start these, but i figured why not and give it a shot. We'll start with a little get to know you survey how does that sound?

A Fun Lil' Quiz to Get to Know You

Let's Get the Basics...
Name?: Laughing Soul
Birthday?: August 17, 1983
Birthplace?: Johnson City, TN
Where do you live now?: Sterling Va
What do you do?: Actor, Working in a law firm on the side?
What's you heritage?: IRISH, german, french, Scott, Theres a few more in there
Singe, Taken, or Looking?: Taken by the lovely Lady J
Let the Randomness begin...
What's your first thought when you wake up?: Am I late?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: 2
Do you eat meat?: Yes, I love animals though. But they are fun to pet, better to chew.
What phobias do you have?: Heights.
What color best describes your personality and why?: Yellow! Its bright andit always makes me smile, and I hope i make everyone smile when they are around me.
What's your favorite junk food?: CANDY!
What's your bedtime?: Lately 11pm. But im an insomniac so really around 5 or 6 in the morning if i sleep at all.
If you could have any pet in the imaginable world, what would it be?: Penguins, Racoons, Monkeys.
What's your favorite character from a book?: The Nonexistant KNight from Italo Calvino's Nonexistant Knight.
From a film?: Jonny from Airplane
Would you rather be a hero or an antagonist?: Hero
Do you own a pair of "fat" pants?: All my pants are Fat Pants
Approx. how many pairs of shoes do you own?: 5? All for different uses
Salty or sweet?: BOTH
Your favorite childhood pastime?: NOT HAVING RESPONSIBILITIES
What country would you most like to visit?: IRELAND
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: I used to, Im not going to lie
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?: Steve Martin, Martin Short,
If you could go to any time period, what would it be?: Back to the 20's-30's
Do you follow politics?: Not at all
Do you read the paper daily?: Nope
Do you consider yourself successful?: Not yet anyways
What is your guilty pleasure?: Old Time radio Shows
Can you swim?: Yes, but only enough to get from point a to point be and keep my head above water
Coke or Pepsi?: Coke
Chips or Pretzels?: Pretzels
Tea or Coffee?: Tea
Shower or Bath?: Shower
Cold or hot?: COLD!
Chapstick or Blistex?: Chapstick, Burts bees
Dog or Cat?: Why not both?
Traveling or Stationary?: Traveling
Wild orTame?: Wild
Spiritual or atheist?: a Spiritual Atheist, Someone with a open mind and views.
Jessica or Nick?: Jessica?
Angelina or Jennifer?: Jennifer, Angelina got too skinny for me.
Cheating or Faithful?: Faithful
Red or Blue?: Blue
Beer?: Guinness
Cocktail?: Burbon and coke,
Farm animal?: Duck!
Celebrity?: Steve Martin
Color?: Yellow
Holiday?: Any Holiday
Vacation spot?: Any place warm and relaxing
Movie genre?: Does not matter as long as its a good movie
Gemstone?: Dont Care?
President?: Dont Care?
Comedian?: Any comedian that makes me laugh.
Actor?: Too many to choose from
Actress?: Refer to answer from above
Band/Music Artist?: The Later
Seasame Street Character?: Snuffy!
TV Detective Show?: CSI
Cartoon Show?: Looney Tunes
Wrestler?: dont have one
Soup?: Baked potato
And to Wrap Things Up...
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: Hopefully Married, Acting, and Making a name for myself
Do you want to own your own home?: yes
Do you plan on getting married?: yes
Plan on having children?: yes
Are you pierced and/or inked?: pierced, Left ear
Is the Glass half empty or Half full?: Its not half anything the glass is full and when its empty it can be refilled
If you don't use it do you lose it?: yes?
Do you own a bicycle?: Trek 4300!
Are you a drunkard?: I can be
Are you good with money?: Im trying harder every day
Do you vote?: Yes
Do you watch The Price is Right?: I used to until drew carry took over. Now its just shameful
Are you close with your parents?: Yes
Do they watch The Price is Right?: No
What is your preferred superhero power?: Super Strength
Do you hold grudges?: No
Do you believe in (a) God?: Yes
Anything else you'd like to mention?: Don't worry, Be happy

Take This Survey | Search Surveys | MySpace Surveys
Survey found on Bzoink

I hope you all like what I have in mind!