Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stickin it to the Man!!

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Good evening everyone!!
How was everyone's Day?!? Mine was pretty good actually. With the good morning tunes playing and getting to work on time it was an all in all damn good day. Plus I have a few things up my sleeve that was just making my day a lot easier and a hell of a lot nicer, that if the Bosslady and Bossman found out about I'd get Fussed at. Its just my own little way of not Letting the Bastards Grind me down.

Usually when I go to work I wear a stiffer shoe. No sneakers or Loafers or anything like that, but someting like a more dressy shoe, but for the past week I have been walking around the office in heaven, in these little puppies!

Comfy as hell Let me tell you! These are basically slippers! Im walking around my place of buisness in bedroom slippers. Thats right! My Puffy Little shoes! Now I know what your thinkin, so what they dont look that bad, with jeans they look downright trendy. But still, Where i work is a fast paced mad house most of the time and when everyone else is running around, Im walking on sunshine on these bad boys.
For the real kicker.
I listened to my iPod ALL DAY!!
Thats right People! Thats how im stickin it to the man. I was listening to music all day, And I answer phones and Talk to People all day! Thats right. And im gonna tell ya. I was 78 % more productive than I usually am. So not only am I listening to tunes, Im getting more work done and Getting praised for it! Bosses think Im doing a great job in finishing my work and helping out with others around the office!
Thats right!
It was a damn good day!

Now The lady J is coming over and shes going to cook for me its going to be soo good!

What other ways do you stick it to the man?


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