Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pillow Barrier- Response

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Ok everyone.
I have something that I would like to post.
My Girlfriend, The Lady J, Has a blog of her own and its called Wearing Mascara. Its a good Blog and she recently posted up something that I would like to respond to.

Here is a link to the post, Pillow Barrier, Please read it if you havent already and then continue on to my response.

Alright It is not a Pillow Barrier my dear. Here is my explanation for you and maybe all of you will understand.
I started to cuddle the pillow a long time ago when I was young and trying to kick the habit of sleeping with stuffed animals, ( man that was a rough senior year.) It helped though, it really did and now I am teddy bear free...(that Lady J knows of).

And since i did it for so long it has continued to this day and it is just the way that I sleep. Now I understand that the Lady J is asking " Why would you cuddle with the pillow when I'm right here?" Well my beloved, I do cuddle with you, I love to cuddle with you, its one of my favorite things to do! But let me ask all of you ladies and gentlemen something, if you sit and cuddle with your significant other can you actually fall asleep while cuddling with them? I know I cant. Its difficult, Its not because i dont love her its because i enjoy the feeling of blood flowing through my arms, and my back being comfortable when i sleep. Also one thing that the Lady didn't explain, is that I am an insomniac, I never ever sleep and when i do its in short bursts, so I have to toss and turn all night before I can get some rest. Now I love cuddling but with all the tossing and turning i do, would you like me to hold on to you while i roll all over the bed? I dont think you would enjoy being treated like a rag doll and you know you could always roll over and put your arm around me ya know, cuddling goes both ways (ooo score one for the Boyfriend!!)

You can also look at it this way, I love you so much and don't want to let you go, that I pretend that the pillow is you, and I carry it with me as I toss and turn because i respect you while you sleep and i take the pillow where i go instead of tossing you around. Your welcome.

As for the barrier. Im not going to lie, i dont know how that happens, when I finally get to go to sleep maybe I lose my grip on the pillow and sometimes it just happens to be in between you and me. Sometimes when I wake up its laying on the floor next to me. So its not that I strategically place the pillow between us so that we cant cuddle in the morning.

Now, I dont know about you, But if there were a mountain between us ( the pillow) I would climb it, Tunnel through it, or move it to get to you, and I would let nothing stand in the way of holding you.
(ooo point two for the boyfriendoo)

I love you Lady and Always will and no mountain or pillow will come between us when i want to cuddle with you.

I feel better. That is my response
What do you think? Do i have any kind of defence here or am i just on my own?


  1. Wearing Mascara says:

    Okay. Fine... you win. I'm happy I don't get thrown around like a rag doll :-)

    I love you.

    January 25, 2009 at 6:57 PM

  2. Anonymous


    those postings are both hilarious.

    January 25, 2009 at 10:55 PM

  3. Irene says:

    Nice one, kids. :-D I fear I have the same dilemma (really, 2 Ms? Says spell check) myself. And for a similar reason. Scott got so used to sleeping with a stuffed animal, body pillow, etc. before we were married and now he can't help it. Plus, doesn't help that we're more comfortable sleeping on opposite sides of our bodies, AND he's a total furnace so I can't stay cuddled up too long or I'll die. So yeah, I do indeed feel the pain of this predicament. Smooches all around.

    January 26, 2009 at 2:01 PM

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