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Underworld: Rise of the Lycan Review.

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I just got back from seeing the new movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Here Check out the Trailer if you haven't.

I went with my friend Mike, we're both rather large underworld fans.

Originally I went into this movie, thinking that it was going to be like every other prequel that has come out in the past, But I have to say that this movie was amazing. They did a very nice job of keeping everything in line with the story that 1 & 2 set up for us.

I dont want to ruin anything for anyone but the premise of the movie is the story between two races ( Vampire and Lycan ( Werewolfs)) and the start of the war between them. Giving you back story, and a point of view from the Lycans instead of the first two movies which were both from the point of view of the Vampire.
The film itself was very nicely put together, it flowed very well and if you havent seen the other two movies you would not be confused on what was going on at all. ( i guess thats kind of the point of a prequel but whatever.) If you go out and see this movie all it will do is give you another prespective of the later films and give you a better understanding.

The biggest complaint i heard about this film was the fact that Kate Beckinsale was not in it. But to tell you the truth, this was way before her time in the timeline of the movies. It actually brings it around nicely to her as a matter of fact and I dont think it was an issue that she wasnt in the film at all. Especially cause Rhona Mitra does a fantastic job as Sonja and is rather attractive if I might say so myself.

I dont have any issues with this movie to be honest with you. It was a great movie and it was nicely done and told a great story as a precurser to the other underworld films. Out of all three of them i think this is the best one. I Highly recommend you go out and see this movie! Very entertaining and a good story as well. It borders on the differnce between Popcorn Blockbusters and True Cinema.

I give this Movie 4 stars.

What do you think?

PS. There will be many more movie reviews to come. I usually like to get more in depth with movies. I love movies. If youve seen the movie, Tell me what you think. Id like to hear your input


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