Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter weather!!

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It's snowing here in old va! This is supposed to be our blizzard. I
kinda hope not cause it's not going to be a very good one.
But when I got up this morning, I hoped and prayed that it was going
to be enough so that I could have the day off from work. So I look
outside and everyhing was covered in white! My heart jumped in hopes
for missing work.
With pjs on backwards I checked my computer to see if I would be
missing work today. My heart dropped as I came to a realization that I
am a grownup now, and because the fairfax county government sucks, I
will have to brave the roads and head into work. Silly silly government.
So here I am enjoying my lunch at work. Boo. I'd much rather enjoy my
lunch in my pj's.
Remember back in the day when it would snow, you get off of school and
go play out with your friends? I would have
My friends over and we would play epic snowball capture the flag. You
could actually play with forts!! How bad ass is that?
Do you have any snowy memories?

Dan Guy
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