Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taken - Review

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Tonight's review?


What Can I say about this movie? I loved it! I can honestly say that I was sitting in my seat, the whole time gripped just waiting to see what was coming next!
Originally I went into this movie thinking that it was just going to be a more action version of the movie Ransom, Starring Famous Nutter, Mel Gibson. But I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. To give you an idea, the film was more of a mix between Ransom, and 8 MM. Not exactly 100% mix but it gives you enough of what to expect, but let me tell you, I haven't seen a movie like this and it was amazing.

The premise of the movie starts off like most of the typical "guy flicks", where you see a father, played by Liam Neeson who would do anything for his daughter. You find out that he has given up his whole career and living for his daughter. It seemed like it was the repeat story of someone who is married to their job and abandons the family, but you can tell that that was the situation instead of going through 2 hours of the situation itself. But in this case the father has actually given up his lively hood just to make up for all the lost time.

His Daughter, played by Maggie Grace, ends up going on a trip to Paris ( or so her father thinks) with her friend. They aren't there for more than an hour and they end up getting "TAKEN" by strangers. Now because Liam Neeson is the man, he knew exactly what to do! As it turns out Mr. Neeson used to be, what he called a Preventor. With the knowledge that he learned through years in his service, he goes straight to Paris and destroys the whole place looking for his daughter.

The man's a badass!

The story was really well put together, and it was a well written script for this type of film. There weren't any hokey lines, or anything really ironic that made the audiance say, " Ohh it was a play on words, how clever is he?" Neeson was there for business and thats exactly what he did, no jokes, no play just straight fuckery.

The one thing that I loved most about this movie is the fact that, one second you see Mr. Neeson as a family man, doing anything for his daughter and in the next you see just a ruthless killer and what I like about that so much is that Neeson plays the roles the same. But you can tell that he makes the change mentally, seemlesly from one guy to the next. Also he doesnt take an arsenal of weapons and devices to help him find whoever stole his daughter. He went to Paris, with nothing but his skill. That is why I think Liam Neeson is the man.

All in all I really liked this movie. The story was well done, the acting was incredible, the action was just enough to make you cheer for the good guy under your breath, and the whole thing was definitely intense.
I give this move 4 out of 5 Damnit Meg's

Go see this movie! It was amazing! I highly recommend it.


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  1. amy says:

    love, love, love, loved this movie!

    btw, like the new background! :)

    February 25, 2009 at 10:02 AM

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