Friday, February 27, 2009

Christopher Moore Signing!

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Hello everyone!
How was everyone's evening? Well I hope.
My night was amazing! Tonight was the night I have been waiting for for such a long time! I got to meet Christopher Moore! One of the greatest authors of all time. Here are a list of his books.

Lamb: The childhood story of Jesus Christ as told by his Best Friend Biff
The Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Lust Lizard of Melancholie Cove!
Practical Deamonkeeping
Dirty Job
Bloodsucking Fiends
You suck
Coyote Blue
The Stupidest Angel

If I am missing one I apologize But I am going off the top of my head at the moment. If you haven't read any of these please, please, please pick one up preferably Lamb or Island of the Sequined Love Nun or Fool. These are some of my favorite ones of his so please give them a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Tonight I finally got to meet the man!!
In the really cool Coffeehouse and Bookstore called Politics and Prose here in DC Mr. Moore was kind enough to grace the DC area with his presence. I went with my friend Brett, a guy I met when I did King Lear.

The place was packed.

After a couple of minutes of waiting the moment happened. Moore walked out after a brief introduction and began to speak.

*GASP* Its Him!!

Thankfully my camera also has a video mode! He talked about his inspirations, he told stories of his trips to England. "Sorry" Stories of things people have given him, even some original writing he wrote just earlier in the week.

So here are a few that I took.

And number Two
I think this is, and I quote loosely.
" An open letter to the person who Peed on the Iron"

And Video Number 3

I apologize for the video quality and if the sound isn't all that great. I did record it from the back of a bookstore. The stuff you have just watched was only bits and pieces of what this man talked about. He is an epic Storyteller and was hilariously riveting from beginning to end.
And now, here comes the moment we've all been waiting for.. Not only is it finally a picture of me! But it is a picture of me with the man himself!!

Thats me on the left, Moore on the right. That's pretty much the face you see in all of his cover photos too! Great man really nice and very cool.

I came up to the table for him to sign my book and this is what he wrote. ( Ill type it out cause it may be hard to read)
To Dan: Exellent Beard

What? Laughing did you spell Excellent Wrong?

Nope! Christopher Moore Did!!!!

It was Unbelivable! He Mispelled Excellent! He even knew that he did and just said, " Ah, Fuck it!" Now my book is worth 10 times more because of a typo! HAHAHA Thats how great this guy is. He didnt care and he knew it was hilarious.

I had such a great time meeting him and even waiting in line wasnt so bad because I got to hang out with Brett and catch up with him. Not only that I got to see a mentor of mine, Lennie Raybuck, She is one of the great directors and teachers I have worked with at George Mason University and I got a chance to see her and catch up with her while we were waiting in line. I also get to see another friend Bob, Who actually got his name made fun of by Mr. Moore. What a great story. I think everyone came away with a funny story to tell and that makes this night even better.

I had so much fun tonight I am too wired to go to sleep. Like I said before you have got to check his books out, they are Bawdy, Fun, they have great characters to fall in love with and chock full of "Heinus Fuckery, Heinus Fuckery Most Foul." In all honesty, Moore's books have made me laugh outloud, and have even made me cry a little bit. I love his stories and will read them and pass them on for years to come!

I am definately going to have to go to more book signings. Anyone know of a place somone can get that information?!


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