Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tales from the Crypple- The Dope Chronicles

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So that lady finished her race and is back here resting her bones. She
did so well you guys. She finished! I'm so proud of her I cannot tell
you how much. I wish I could have gone with her to see her finish!
Were both laying down her feet and legs are sore and my back being

My back is still hurting pretty bad. The only difference is that I
took percocet and I could care less how much it hurts. Yup! That's
right I usually hve a constant supply of percocet for situations like
this. Most of the time I don't really need it. But there are months
(lately) where I'll need one once a week or when j have flame ups like
this, I'll have to take 4 or so a day just to take the edge off.
What sucks now itls that I was going to tell you a few stories but my
Percatention span isn't very good. I can't remember any of the
stories. I'm usually not loopy when I take anything. My mind wanders a
little bit, Things are a little more funny and I definitely sleep
better but I can still hold conversations and things. I don't know
about writing though . So we'll see what this is like, and I apologize
if this doesn't make any sense.

Ok I can't keep my eyes open I'll talk to y'all later.



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