Thursday, March 19, 2009

Department Store Vs. Specialty Bike shop

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Hello everyone.
I hope everyone has had a great day! I am actually feeling much much better. I plan on going into work tomorrow. So that should be fun.
And because I was feeling so much better I went to record my podcast tonight. My Partner in crime Herman was asking me what kind of bike he should get.
Now when I was looking for my bike the first thing I did was go to the first department store I could find, like Dicks, Wal Mart and check out the bikes there. Then I started looking at Specialty Bike shop like, Performance Bike or Spokes Etc are just a few that around the area. And I have Developed an opinion between the two.

If you are going to buy a bike then you should do it from a Specialty bike shop. Now if you are looking for a bike for your children then you don't have to get it from a shop, a department store bike is just fine, seeing how your child will grow up and get bigger and will eventually need a bigger bike. Department store bikes are disposable in my opinion. The last bike I had was a department store bike and I loved that thing. But I actually rode my bike for about a year before it wore out. I had more time so I rode my bike more than I usually would. And by the time that year was up the bike was destroyed. As much as I tried to take care of it, it was incredibly difficult to get parts and service for it and I ended up having to get a brand new bike and when I bought one I went to a specialty store.

It was incredible service and I got the bike and the advice that was right for me. Now granted you will spend a little more money which is to be expected at a place like that, but in the long run you get the best purchase and a sound investment. Not only do you get a great bike, The bike that you want, the bike that fits you, you get service! I have brought my bike into the same shop to get a tune up and my bike rides like new constantly. You cannot do that with department store bike. I have made a sound investment and my bike will be in great condition for years to come! With a department store bike, you have to get service by sending it back to the manufacturer and or order the parts directly from the manufacturer which is more expensive.

In the long run get your bike from a bike store not a department store. You will end up throwing the bike away after a year if you ride it on a semi regular basis. I have had my bike for over a year now and I have done things on that bike that I could never do with my old bike, and it runs great!
So if your looking for a new bike and plan to ride it on a semi regular basis, go to a bike shop that knows what they are doing. I promise you, you will walk away happy.

Have a great evening everyone. Dont forget to sign up for my giveaway! you have a little less than a day left to win!!


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  1. Wearing Mascara says:

    Very informative! Thanks babe :-)

    March 20, 2009 at 12:34 PM

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