Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I had a pretty decent day.a

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Hello world.
I hope everyone has had a great day. Mine was actually pretty cool! Today was like any other day at the office. Well, it was like a really busy day at the office really. Now this is the month that the Boss peoples do their yearly salary reviews. I have been with this firm for just over a year and I got a review this time around.
It was actually pretty nerve racking. It wasn't just me and the office manager, like it has been fore everyone else. It was me and the big guy himself. So that was definitely a little intimidating. But they did things a little different than most companies. They asked how I liked it there, how I felt my year has been spent, and What I felt like my weaknesses are and where I would like to improve myself in the time to come.
I am an honest person, so I told the truth about myself. I said it was rough time getting started, being trained incorrectly and making mistakes because of it. then having to relearn everything when I have already been there for 3 months. Some procedural things I was having difficulties with and a few dress code violations here and there, but mostly anything that was done wrong was fixed and was never done twice. It was a year of learning and improvement is what I said.

When it was their turn to talk they stated the same things and a few of their concerns with me, ( which I will keep to myself thank you very much) but one thing they mentioned is my writing. I have had an issue with writing all my life. I think when I was younger I was diagnosed LD in Writing, so writing just isnt one of my forte's. I explained my troubles with it and how I have issues writing letters and getting all of my thoughts and instructions down onto paper. In response the that the big boss man offered his help with this. He said " I am sure its a touchy subject with you, and I dont want to make you feel inadequite or anything, but if you would let me, I would be happy to work with you and help you make it so you can write things out better, or at least get comfy with yourself that you know what your talking about but just help out wording everying." Not an exact quote but its was a nice gesture that he was willing to take time out of his day and help me with an issue. I gladly excepted the offer.
They gave me tons of compliments. They said they love having me at the office, I make people laugh and always have a great energy around the office and have always gotten my work done, and people have even called in to say praises of me directly to them. So that was definately good to hear.
At the end of the review I walked out of the little room with a RAISE!!! I cant belive it!! I was so happy! It was a pretty decent sized raise too! Not enough to say Im rich, but definately enough to help pay the bills and maybe a new movie here and there, and definately I will be able to save WAY more.

On a different note I would like to address all my readers about my writing.

I am not a perfect writer. I know this. I dont plan to be one either, I dont think I know all the rules of grammar and I am sure most of you read my blog a few times and then walk away feeling confused having not understood a thing I said, or angry at my lack of punctuation and grammar. Well I am sorry but I am not perfect and I am not going to be. Everyone has their flaws and this one is mine. But half the reason why I started this whole thing was to help myself feel more comfortable about my writing. I own the fact that my posts are not as elequint or as well written as most of ya'lls blogs and thats fine with me, and I hope its fine with all of you too. (BTW all of your blogs inspire me to be a better writter, I want you all to know that as well) Hopefully Im not THAT bad off where you read it once or twice, get frustrated and then stop reading completely.

Thank you all SO much for reading and listening to me.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Day, a great evening and an even better tomorrow!



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